One Platform for all your Kubernetes Clusters

Effortlessly Manage Kubernetes, Automate DevOps Pipeline, Monitor Infrastructure, and Optimize GPU for AI/MLOps – All in One Platform.

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Purpose-built for Platform Engineers, DevOps, Developers

Platform Engineers

Cocktail Cloud helps you save time and resources that would go into building an internal development portal (IDP).

DevOps Engineers

With a native CI/CD pipelining, monitoring, logging, cluster back-up, and GPU utilization, all in one platform, Cocktail Cloud paves a golden path in your DevOps and AIOps processes.


Wearing an "infrastructure" hat too? LessOps or NoOps are not a fairy tale. Offload infrastructure management to Cocktail Cloud and just focus on building amazing applications.

Business Impact Realized

Deployment Frequency
Lower MTTR
Operational Efficiency Gained

Most Affordable, yet just as Powerful

We hold a torch as one of the most reasonably priced options for an enterprise-grade managed Kubernetes platform in the market, offering the impactful benefits that Cocktail Cloud brings to enterprises of all sizes and operations.

Enterprise-grade Support

Cocktail Cloud promises a SLA of 99.97% plus L2 support from our certified Kubernetes experts and talented SREs.

Cocktail APM

Application Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting can be added to our value-packed Cocktail Cloud Performance edition.

Build your own Global Cloud Managment Platform

Does your business need to service customers in globally distributed environments? When it comes to managing multi-cloud environments, Cocktail Cloud provides you with the flexibility to build your own mix of global cloud platforms. You can choose from local cloud service providers in Europe and Asia, extending beyond North America.

Highly Customizable Front-end Portal

Whether it is your SSO, OTP, or needs custom monitoring KPIs, our core development team can customize the front-end portal for any of your requirements.

Supports Global Cloud Service Providers

With Cocktail cloud, you can also manage clusters from local cloud service providers in Asia and Europe.

Unlock the full potential of your GPUs for AI/MLOps

Cocktail Cloud provides GPU sharing capabilities such as "Time Slicing" and "Multi-Instance GPU (MIG)" features to supercharge your AI projects with optimal GPU utilization. Maximize performance without compromising efficiency.

Time Slicing

Say goodbye to wasted GPU resources. Now, you can seamlessly share physical GPUs among workloads that require bursting, maximizing efficiency without any waste.

Multi-Instance GPU (MIG)

With Multi-Instance GPU (MIG), one physical GPU can be divided into a maximum of 7 instances, catering to scenarios that demand dedicated GPUs, even in smaller quantities.

Manage VMs and Containers together

Looking for an alternative to VMware? With Cocktail Cloud, you can seamlessly manage both virtual machines and containers. Save costs, future-proof your transition, and enhance operational efficiency with Kubernetes' powerful orchestration capabilities.

Reduces the cost of VMware licensing and support by 60% or more

Cut your VMware licensing and support costs by 60% or more with Cocktail Cloud Virtualization.

Begin your modernization journey with a cloud-native stack.

Transform your infrastructure with Cocktail Cloud’s cloud-native stack, offering enhanced agility, scalability, and performance for modern applications.

Success Stories of using Cocktail Cloud

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Learn how Cocktail Cloud helped Hyundai Card adopt Multi- and Hybrid- Cloud Strategies

AI Optimization

Learn how Shinhan Bank, one of the largest bank in South Korea, streamlined their infrastructure for AI/MLOps.

Multi-omics analysis of COVID-19

Korean Government achieved resiliency through a government of creative

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